About Phoenix

We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing with the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

We are committed to keep moving in one direction – forward. Be it insulated Vans, Refrigerated Vans or any product which is an outcome of the blended manufacturing process of Phoenix Engineering we just believe in one thing tht is “Compromise with quality and compromise with Market share”

Phoenix Engineering has been at the forefront in Kolhapur of insulated van, delivery van, refrigerated van conversions for over 28 years.

Our ability to design and manufacture reliable effective insulated liners for a variety of different van models and temperature applications has kept Phoenix Engineering in a market leading position in India.

Located in Kolhapur Maharashtra, within easy reach of Mumbai, Phoenix Engineering offers custom built solutions for a range of vans and applications.

We work alongside the leading refrigeration manufacturers and dealers to ensure that our products work effectively with ever changing refrigeration unit designs and customer requests.

Our customer base covers a wide spectrum from the start up single van business through to the large multinational fleets.

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